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‘Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall they be saved.’

Classes: IX- X

Activity: Connecting with nature

Mr. Rakesh Khatri, Founder of Eco Roots Foundation was invited to conduct a talk show to acquaint the students on the role of sparrows and butterflies in the food chain and ignite in them  the urgent need for conserving the feathered creatures to maintain the ecological balance. Mr khatri attributed the reason for the decline of sparrows to the high rise concrete buildings, mobile towers and cutting down of trees. He then inspired the youngsters to be the saviors of the sparrows and taught them how to build nests and bird feeders to bring them back. He also informed them that the nests are made of eco-friendly materials like coconut fibre, jute thread, and bamboo sticks etc. He informed the students that hanging such nests all over will help in bringing back the sparrows. The students interacted with Mr. Khatri sharing their views and queries. Nest making activity helped the children to understand how birds build their homes through hard work, patience and sheer determination. It also introduced them to the wider concept of connection with nature and of being sensitive to creatures and birds around them. The nests made by the students were put up in different places around the school. The students promised Mr. Khatri  that they would join him in his mission of making more nests to spread awareness and preserve sparrows.